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What is Affiliate Marketing: A Look into Becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

With the Rising cost of almost every thing. People have started looking for alternative sources of income.

Marketers Love waking up. Grabbing a drink and sitting down to check emails only to see something like this. This is Affilaite Marketing

Affilaite Marketing Income Proof
A list of Sales From Affiliate Program JVZoo

All this being preformed while not having any inventory on hand. Just promoting other products from other people.

[Image source: Traffic Generation Cafe]

Passive Income is a Dream for many.
Making money while your out mowing the lawn. Taking the kids to the park. Going out to the pub to grab a cold one.
That is why so many people choose to start out with affiliate marketing.

So what affiliate marketing is based on is revenue sharing. Someone has a product and would like to sell more of that product through giving you the marketer a percentage of the profit. This gives you a value as you are earning income. This also makes you valuable to the person with the product. Why you ask? That gives that person the time to construct more products and less time focus on outlets to sell the products they create.

The long story in short. Affiliate Marketing is a win-win for all those involved. Sellers get the product moved as the marketer promotes the product. This gives all parties involved the chance to make income.

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