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The Affiliate Marketing Mindset.

The affiliate marketing mindset.

I’m writing this for you today so i can share an serious encounter that I had to day in my affiliate marketing journey . I am a huge fan of reverse marketing. Why because although it takes some tuning. It does pay off. Now, New marketers are eager to learn so they seem to be the best to work on. Seasoned marketers not so much as they see what is coming a tad bit quicker.

My normal daily routine is this. I get up to check the mail then get busy on the days game plan. A routine is necessary to keep yourself on track if not you end up missing a couple of days and wondering why nothing got accomplished. Make a list and then make sure you follow that list. That is enough of my ramblings for now on this topic. Onward to my real point.

The Mindset

After my morning mail check, I hop on social media. I have been chatting with a gentleman for 2 days now. We start talking he is asking what I do as far as income. I gave him my list and then proceeded to as him the same. Well that his when he replies I have tried all of that and never succeded. That is when I realized this chap needs some help. I then Proceeded to go to work.

He asked the common questions like how long have you been doing this? Well, I said I have been working on this since 2001 which I have. Not lying about it. What I did not mention was I have just really decided to buckle down this year and do it full time. Online marketing whether it be Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing or MLM for that matter needs a certain mindset.

When it comes to talking to people about affiliate marketing or anything that is a business. I try to be firm and assertive yet open to questions. You have to sell you not the product. Once people trust you the trust what you have to offer. So my mindset works like this. I will answer questions and then get them to look at what I am promoting. Once you have them trusting you that is when you say here look at this program. It’s blah blah blah type of a program. Then you move one to selling the program.

So I get this person intrigued by giving him the key selling points. Then he mentions the fact it costs $50 a month. Which it does. I didn’t deny that fact and told him look I have paid $100-$300 a month for a similar product. Which gives the current one that much more value. Then I hit on the key selling point a 14 day free trial. Which gives him 14 days to try and cover the cost of the program. He signed up shortly there after.

After he signed up I got him started on the training and offered to answer questions. He then stated to me when he is a 6 figure earner like myself he plans on traveling the world.

Point here is your mindset is key, This person thought I was a 6 figure income maker because of my mindset. Not because I lied or tried to hype him up. But because I know where I want to be and what it is going to take to get there.

Thanks for Looking
~Grady R.

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