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Push Notifications and Affiliate Marketing

If your a mobile application user you have more than likely received a push notification. This is a quick growing advertising method in marketing in general. In affiliate marketing it can be a more cost effective way to reach you niche.

You have to have a good strategy when it comes to marketing this way. Why? Just like annoying website pop-ups. They get old quick if too many are received in to short of a period. The Notifications can be mute if the become bothersome. Then you are just spinning your wheels as that user you are no longer able to reach.

I’m going to have to Touch base on this a bit more later on. I am still researching some of the training I picked up a couple of days ago. Once I have soaked up as much information as I have I will do my best to share my knowledge of it.

So that is it for now, thanks for Looking
~Grady R.

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