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Affiliate Marketing- Why is it so hated?

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time. So why is it so hated? Well, Doing it myself I can understand why. I was going to give you a statistic here but I cannot. Why? Google didn’t answer and Quora in my eyes is just to hard to navigate.

The answer I was trying to locate was how many affiliate marketers are there worldwide. So Earth has 7.53 billion people lets round down to 7.5 billion just to make the math easier. I did a quick estimate figuring .01% is 7.5 million affiliate marketers. It may not be that high or it could possibly be higher. Keep that number in your head.

So now that you have that number in your head. Take and multiply it by .03. That gives you 225,000. What is that you might ask? That is the number of affiliate marketers that bring in the real income. So yes only 3%. That leaves 97% to either fail or just be happy with where they are at.

That is still a big group of affiliate marketing faces left. With what is left you have some that will make it some as I said will fail. People that will for sure fail as a result of never even taking the first few steps to get started.

Now of the remaining almost 7.3 million affiliate marketers. You can possibly figure Maybe 1 million are actually disciplined in the are of marketing. That leaves 6.3 million people Throwing spam links everywhere they can be sending e-mails from cheap million e-mails list off of freelancer sites. I will describe it as pigeons in a park battling over cracker crumbs. It was bad 15 years ago as there were no spam laws and regulations by the governments. Now even worse as we have technology that has made it possible to market from anywhere in the world you can get a data signal

Moving forward to the point I was originally was trying to make is this. You have hundreds of thousands if not more of people trying to make money. Which I’m sure you can understand we all could always use a little more. So they become pushy, spammy and annoying. I get it I was there myself at one time. People hate affiliate marketers for this reason. In most cases, they are bothersome and persistent. Every pigeon wants the piece of cracker.

What causes this you may ask. Some are lack of self-discipline in the person. Some are improper ways of being taught how to do affiliate marketing properly.

The behavior is taught not just learned. The instant gratification is what most affiliate marketers are looking for. this is because they see the big money makers at the top bringing in millions of dollars/ What people do not understand is it took most a long long time to get there.

Who do you blame for this behavior? First off the person doing it. They didn’t like spam and pushy text and emails at first. But, Then they decided to give in. If they purchased a course and are doing it as described. At that point you can blame the person and the sponsor or person that referred them. Lastly, you can blame the person and then everyone of the leaders all the way to the top.

How you ask. If it is a marketing course that is build on referrals to structure the company. Guess what every leader is to blame. Yes, Even the CEO or Founder. Those with money tend to forget in most cases it was built off the dreams of the person with no experience. One you lose touch with those that are just staring out because remember you were there also. It then becomes a problem that we have today .

Keep in mind please all my figures are there just for an example. They are not true to standard by any means. If any of my readers can find the answer please let me know. Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Thanks for Looking !

Grady R.

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