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Affiliate Marketing Top 5 Mistakes.

1. Shiny Object Syndrome

This is where you fall for the This new course will make you $10,000 a month every time a new course comes out. Then you buy it.

2. You trust in those that you have bought from.

This is a bad thing especially if you are new and don’t have a list. I watched a go to webinar yesterday. This was hosted by Brendan Mace. He made the comment 30 times over how he doesn’t need the money or he doesn’t care about the money. Yet he wanted you to give him $2000 of your money for his course.
These guys feed off your trust in them and even though they say they don’t care about the money, It always turns out they want you to send them more.

3. If you don’t have a leads list stop buying courses to promote.

It’s simple guys. You keep buying into the promises of the people selling courses and wanting you to market them. Well stop! If you do not have a list set up of potential buyers you are wasting your money. Now the guys you would be buying the course from don’t want you to do so. Why because you are adding to the income that everyone is feeding into.

4. Free training and Promises

Many people offer free training with an added bonus of lets say 100 free clicks. Now, I recentl ran into this with IM Wayne Crowe. You get Click Funnels training Which include FREE funnels and 100 free clicks if you buy 100 clicks at .40 to .80 cents each . Training was good but once again if you do not have a list it is a waste of your time unless you buy clicks. Plus you burn your free Clickfunnels and Getresponse(auto-responder) trials and your beat later on.

5. Getting Excited and Buying the Hype

I have done it over and over. Got excited and started buying into the hype. Internet Marketing in a whole is 80% having a list of potential buyers. Then 5% having the money to buy traffic leads or whatever. The rest is mindset.
Mindset is one of the big factors in list building. You need to be confident in yourself and others will trust you. That is how the above mention people do it. But don’t lie to yourself or others. be real and it will come not as fast as being some super guru hyper that deceives everyone for money.

Over just take your time build a quality list and do it right.

Thanks for looking

Grady R.

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